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How to Make Pop-Up Slider Cards

All-Star Birthday Card

Hello Friends,

Learn how to make Pop-Up Slider Cards with today's video Tutorial.  I love making Pop-Up Slider Cards!  They are interactive and fun; plus with these cards, it's easy to add secret messages.  The first card is for my grandson, Grady.  He loves sports more than any kid I know, but he especially loves baseball.  He is a dedicated Cleveland Indians Baseball fan, so this red, white and blue All-Star Card should be a home run.


All-Star Pop Up Slider Card

All-Star Pop-Up Slider Card

I think he will love the way his card moves to reveal hidden messages just for him.  The White Chalk Marker (#132133) really pops against the Blueberry Bushel card stock.

Personalized Birthday Cards

Pop-Up Slider Cards aren't just for kids.  Adults love them too.  The card above is for my son, Bryan.  Handmade cards really are the best, especially when they are personalized to fit the recipient.  

Pop-Up Slider Cards


Look below for more Pop-Up Card Ideas.


image from www.stampingcountry.com

Pedal to the Metal Pop-Up Slider Card

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image from www.stampingcountry.com

Elegant Pop-Up Slider Christmas Card

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Disappearing White Technique for Card Making


Hello Friends,

Happy Monday!  Do you like to learn new Card Making Techniques as much as I do?  Today's Card Technique is super simple.  Anyone can do it and it's a real Wow.  I call it the Disappearing White Technique.  You are going to love it!  Plus, today's Card Idea is super duper simple.



Simple card Ideas

The flowers are from the gorgeous Flowering Foils Specialty Designer Paper from Stampin' Up!.  The only way to get this fabulous paper is for FREE with Sale-a-bration and a qualifying order.  Which means....the clock is ticking, because Sale-a-Bration 2020 ends March 31 or WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.

Disappearing White Card Technique

I think that the embossed background is pretty spectacular too.  This technique is also demonstrated in today's video tutorial.  I used the Coastal Weave 3D Embossing Folder by Stampin' Up!.

Have you had the luxury of spending more time in your Craft Room lately?  Paper Crafting is a great stress reliever.  There's just something about escaping into your own little creative world that peels away the tension.  Leave a comment below.  I love hearing from you!




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Paper Backpacks and Homeschooling Tips

All Dressed Up Backpack Stampin' Up!

Hello Friends,

Are you feeling cooped up at home with your kids?  Bored?  Bewildered?  I may be able to help you on two fronts.  First, I teach Paper Crafts, so I made a Video Tutorial explaining how to make these cute Backpacks with the All Dressed Up Dies from Stampin' Up!.  Secondly, since I have 23 years of experience homeschooling my boys, so I'll also share insights on how to teach kids from home.


Crafting Paper Backpacks with the All Dressed Up Dies and Check You Out Stamp Set

All Dressed Up Back Pack Stampin' Up!

Learning Activities for Kids


Teach about the countries affected by the Corona Virus.  Locate them on a map.  Study their cultures, languages, and traditions.  Make foods from other countries.

Math & Science & Reading

Did you know that cooking can incorporate 3 subjects?  Learn measuring and fractions.  Read and research recipes for reading.  For science learn about yeast.  It's a living organism that makes things rise.  Learn about temperatures.  Making candy involves getting things to just the right temperature.  There's just so much to learn cooking together.

Search YouTube for Countless Videos for Kids

There is an abundance of free learning videos about Math, Science, Government, Phonics, etc...

You can learn fractions, multiplication, subtraction, addition, coins, division, counting and more for math.

There are scads of video for learning science including weather, solar system, earth science, volcanoes, viruses and bacteria, chemical reactions and so much more.  The possibilities are endless.

Read a Book Together and Discuss

Government and Social Studies

There's just so much going on right now with laws and voting.  Learn about the 3 Branches of Government and what the can and can't do.  Learn about checks and balances. 

Explore and contrast Capitalism and Socialism.  Study different countries and their forms of government past and present.  

Study and discuss Current Events


Naturally, I would suggest paper crafts, but again the possibilities are endless.

Pinterest has a boatload of ideas for art, science, math, and reading

Physical Education

Walk, Run, Ride a Bike

Combine Science and PE.  Go for a hike and observe different things in nature (birds, plants, animals, rocks, weather).

Play Board Games Together

Learn counting, spelling, reasoning and so much more.

Language Arts

Write about the things you are learning in any and every subject.

Overlap Subjects

Learn by exploring and investigating.  Overlap your subjects.  You will be surprised how much more interesting your topics will be when you combine multiple subjects into one topic.  Most of all, use this time together to strengthen relationships and to learn how to learn.



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