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Happy Organize Your Home Office Day!

Stamping Country Craft RoomHello Friends,

Happy Organize Your Home Office Day!  Who makes up these bizarre holidays anyway?  Who doesn't dream of an organized home office/craft space?  To celebration this funny holiday, I thought that it might be fun to share organizational tips from the past.  I've taken random Craft Room Organization Tips from the past and combined them all in one blog post.


Let's start with a tour of my Craft Room/Home Office.

Ink Pad Storage

One of my favorite units is my ink pad, reinker, marker unit came from Stamp-n-Storage.  They have storage solutions for just about anything you can think of in your Craft Room. Browse the Stamp-N-Storage store Here.

Stampin' Blends Storage Stampin' Up!

Stampin' Up! offers some stackable storage solutions for Stampin' Blends and ink pads. 


Ink Pad & Marker Storage Trays  #149168
Stampin' Blends Storage Trays #149169

Storage Lid #149167

Storage Topper #149170

Open Storage Cube #149171


Compartment Shadow Boxes are a great way to showcase and organize small things is your Craft Room. They can be hung on the wall or they can be free standing or they can be used lying flat in drawers to organize lots of little things. This is oh so much better than rummaging through a drawer of this and that to find one small thing. You can buy compartment Shadow Boxes both used and new. Look for them in antique stores, online or in your local craft and department stores. 

Stamp & Die Organization Tips

Organizing Your Craft Space

Step One

Step one is a step that you can use to organize any room in your house including your Craft Room.  Sort your things into 3 groups:  Keep,  Give Away or Sell and Trash.  Hint:  Start small and work your way around your space.  Tackle the first cabinet or bin, then go on to the next sorting into your 3 categories as you go.

Step Two

Now that you have gotten rid of a lot of things, you are ready for step two.  Hint:  Getting rid of things that you are not using is essential.  Bless someone else or generate a little extra cash for you redo, but it is essential to move along the things that you are not using anymore.

Step Two is to rethink how you are going to arrange your room.  Even among the things that you are going to keep, some things (furniture and storage solutions), may be more useful in another area of your home.  For instance, my old office chair is finding a new home in my husband's hunting blind.  And that put a smile on Joe's face.  Erase from your mind how it it used to be and envision a whole new space.  Draw up a plan and go to Step Three.

Organize Craft Room

Step Three

Now that you have your "big picture", begin working on how to organize smaller groups of craft supplies.  Here's an example.  Yesterday, I rethought how I was going to store my beautiful collection of ribbons.  In my previous room it was all stored on my ribbon rack collecting dust or stuffed in a drawer long forgotten. My newer or current ribbons still have a home on my ribbon rack, because they are easily accessible and pretty.  But the rest of my collection has been rerolled and is housed by color in trendy Mason jars that I found at my local Kroger Market Place.  Now my beautiful ribbons are safe from dust and they have become part of my decor.  How fun is that!   And...I eliminated a whole lot of space gobbling ribbon rolls.   Step Three is a process that may take a while, but it's worth the effort.  



Have a fabulous day,


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