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Hello Friends,

Here's the scoop!  June 3 through June 30, 2020, choose an EXTRA Bundle to add to your Stampin' Up! Starter Kit.  

The Deal keeps getting Better!  The Stampin' Up! Starter Kit is always a tremendous value!  Choose up to $125 in Stampin' Up! Product for just $99 and the shipping is free.  But June 3-30, 2020, the DEAL GETS EVEN BETTER!  For a limited time, new recruits will get a FREE stamp/tool bundle when they join.   See all available bundles on pages 168-169  and  pages173-179  of the  2020  Stampin'  Up!  Catalog.


Here a few of the Bundles that will be available.  This is only a sampling of what's available, but I thought that you might enjoy a peek.

Forever Fern Stampin' Up!

Forever Fern Bundle #154094 can be found on page 110 of the 2020 Stampin' Up! catalog.  The die set includes 14 dies and the gorgeous Forever Fern stamp set.  Some of the dies coordinate with the stamp set and some stand-alone.  

Blossoms in Bloom Stampin' Up!

Blossoms in Bloom Bundle #154123 includes the Many Layered Blossoms dies and the Blossoms in Blossom stamp set.  Beautiful!

Beautiful World Bundle Stampin' Up!

The Beautiful World Bundle #154091 is a handsome bundle that includes 10 dies that work with or without the Beautiful World stamp set (also included in the bundle).  One of the dies actually embossed.  See the bottom piece.

Jar of Flowers Stampin' Up!

The lovely Jar of Flowers Bundle #154064 is a punch bundle that offers possibilities for year-round.

Lovely You Stampin' Up!

The Lovely You Bundle is another punch bundle with endless possibilities.  Just look at those playful fonts!  This is just a teeny sampling of all the bundles available.  The add-on bundle is an extra bundle offer above and beyond the already great deal of $125 of product for just $99.

When you click to get your very own Stampin' Up! Starter kit you will be able to see a select group of products from the 2020-2021 Stampin' Up! Catalog (also known as Preorder Products).

Both Hobby Stampers and Business Minded Stampers

are all welcome and valued members of my Team, The Ink-Spirations.


#1 Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Question Answered

No, you do not have to hold parties, teach classes, start a blog, or "sell" Stampin' Up!.  You can simply enjoy the discount and other Stampin' Up! Demonstrator benefits, but....you might want to show off all your new toys with your friends and stamp with them and maybe share some of your lovely catalogs that come free with your kit.  Spread the joy!

FAQ About Being a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator 

Click Here

Click the Join My Team Button to scoop up hot new products from the upcoming Stampin' Up! Catalog slated to be released on June 3, 2020.



Have more questions or would you simply like to chat?  Contact Me.


Have a fabulous day,




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