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DIY Flower Headband

DIY Baby Flower Headband

 Our first granddaughter, Sadie, was born this summer.  And every girl, no matter how young needs to accessorize, so I set to work to make her beautiful Flower Headbands for every occasion.  Her Christmas stocking will be overflowing with pretty Flower Headbands.

Headband Tutorial

Start with a length of stretchy ribbon or trim.  Note: Be sure your ribbon is soft enough for a baby's delicate head if you are making your headband for a baby.

Baby & Girls Headband Sizing

Newborn (12")

3-6 Months (13")

6-12 Months (14")

12-18 Months (15")

18-24 Month (16")

3-6 Years (17")

6 Years to Adult (18")

Note: Cut slighty larger to allow for seam.  These are averages.  Head size may vary.

Headband Tutorial


Sew headband either with your sewing machine or by hand stitching.

Flower Headband Tutorial

To make flowers you will need the Stampin' Up! Fun Flower die (item #121812) and a variety of fabric.  Mix and Match- cotton, felt, flannel, silk just to name a few.

Flower Headband Tutorial

Place multiple layers of fabric on Fun Flower die and sandwich between Extended Cutting pads and run through Big Shot.  Note:  Depending on thickness of fabric, you can cut 4 to 6 layers of fabric in one pass.

Flower Headband Tutorial

Collect cut flowers.  You will need all 3 flower sizes. Each size is a different shape for a pretty, frilly Flower.

Flower Headband Tutorial

There's a lot of latitude in choosing how many layers to use for your flowers. For my headbands below I used anywhere from 6 to 15 layers.

Flower Headbands

What can I say Sadie is the first girl in 2 generations, so I made her not one, but seven headbands.  Is that considered a Baker's Half Dozen? Seriously, these babies are so fun to make.


  • White Felt Flowers 6 Layers
  • Turquoise Headband 15 Cotton Layers
  • Yellow Headband 15 cotton & silk layers
  • Lace Headband 9 Cotton layer
  • Pink Polka Dot Headband 9 layers of flannel & felt
  • Red & White Headband 12 layers of Cotton & Silk

Flower Headband Tutorial

Begin layering Flowers until they are the desired thickness.

Flower Headband Tutorial

Stitch the layers together in the center.

Flower Headband Tutorial

Next, add a center.  Buttons work great or use a felt circle cut with the Fun Flower Die.  Notice that the flowers still look a bit lifeless and flat.

Flower Headband Tutorial

Next,  moisten flower with fabric stiffener or heavy starch.

Fun Flower Die

You may need to separate the layers with your fingers to get starch between the layers.

Flower Headband Tutorial

Crumple and shape flower, then allow to dry completely.

Flower Headband Tutorial

Cut a 2" Felt Circle.  This layer is to protect the baby's delicate head from any scratchiness from the flower or seam.

Flower Headband Tutorial

Fire Up your hot glue gun and adhere felt circle and flower.

Flower Headband Tutorial

I didn't have Sadie here to model the headbands so my little dog is her stand in.


The Fun Flower Die is on Sale as a Weekly Deal December 3 through December 9.  Shop Here for your Fun Flower Die


Have a Fabulous day,



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Robin, I love your headbands, they're so frilly for a little girl. I have 3 sons but I have 4 granddaughters so I'll be a busy bee making some headbands for them. Thanks for the tutorial you make it seem so easy!

Penny Hanuszak

What a terrific tutorial, one that I'm sure I will follow as I have plenty of friend's who are expecting grandchildren. Perfect gift for a little girl. I love the size chart you provided. Thanks so much!

Robin Feicht

So glad you enjoyed the tutorial. It's so much fun making cute little headbands for our granddaughters.

Julie DeHart

Robin, Odd and far fetched question but I am desperately looking for a Truman stuffed dog that is your model. It is my youngest special and we can't find his and they are no longer for sale and I can't find one on eBay. Do you still have that one and would you be willing to sale it?
Thanks, Julie

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