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Need Extra Income? Love Stamping?

June 15 Projects 007  

Have you ever thought of your job as a Fun?

Job cuts, recession, double digit unemployment, etc...  Looking for ways to add to the family income and/or cut costs? Direct Sales may be an option for you.

For four years I've been stamping and scrapbooking for my job. I'm with a company that celebrated 20 years last year. They're known for their quality stamps and craft products. 

So what are the benefits of my job?

  • Earn extra Family income

  • Get out and meet new  Friends

  • Set my Own Hours

  • Be among the first to receive the latest in Stamping

  • Turn your Hobby into Income

History shows that Direct Sales is a recession proof industry and actually booms during a down economy.

You may say that the economy is bad, and people aren’t buying. That simply isn’t true.  People don’t stop buying during a down economy, but they do look for value. They also look for economical forms of entertainment.  Direct Sales offers both.  You can provide a reason to enjoy a free evening out with their friends and family, socializing, and stamping together.  And when you show the value of your product in the party demonstration, they will either buy or book their own party to get it for free.

I would love to talk with you about what direct sales can do for you. Why not give me call today? Want more information before we talk? Email me for a information pack.

 Have a fabulous day,